The Blog is Born!

Welcome to the world Splendid Sweets!  This blog was created to share my cakes with family and friends.  I always have people asking for pictures of my cakes and can you do this, or can you do that.  Cakes are something I do for enjoyment.  My Grandma Peyton first taught me how to decorate a cake when I was old enough to hold a bag of icing.

Now, I have just gotten back into it the past couple of years.  My nurse friends keep me busy with all their rugrats kiddos!  I enjoy the creative outlet, but it is not always easy.  There have been the times where a cake is just not turning out the way I planned, but I just keep on decorating.

I plan to share some photos of work I have done over the past couple years to get everyone caught up and then share some of my more recent work.  I feel like I have gotten better.  I try to learn new things and use new tools.  I mostly work with buttercream (because it is pretty much amazing!) but have started using fondant in some of my designs.  Enjoy a few pics of my past works! 







~ by splendidsweets on October 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Blog is Born!”

  1. I just checked out your site. Of course I had the priviledge of seeing your work at work. I guess I better see if you have availability for a cake for January 2, 10 in a tie die/ hippie/ smiley face/ volkwagon beetle style or something like that for my soon to be 9 year old? Very impressive, Melanie. I wish I was this creative.

  2. Hey there busy bee – looks great!

  3. You are amazing as always!! Love it!!

  4. Hey Mel:

    Your Ma Maw would be very proud of you!!!


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