Makin’ cakes like a madwoman!

So, after working 3 in a row this week I then had 2 cakes to make for this weekend.  I drug myself out of bed yesterday afternoon (I work nights, ok) and started baking…


Choc cake

First up…cucakes. These little dudes went with the Scooby cake that is to come




Now for the Scooby cake. It was white cake with raspberry filling.


Sccoby w/cupcakes

On to the next cake….


This sucker was a huge sheet cake for 70 people!

Sheet cake
It looks like it’s glowing from the lights 🙂

It was Kasey’s grandma’s 80th birthday. She told me it was a fall theme but design wise left it up to me. I think it is harder when someone does that. All the pressure of wondering if they will like it! I went with my gut and made something that my grandma would have liked and been proud of (she was the one who tought me everything I know!) Here is how it came out.

Sheet cake


I can tell you after all those flowers my hands were about to fall off!! After a long day of baking and decorating it was time to retire the icing bags for the night!


I wish Noah and Joyce a very Happy Birthday. I hope you both enjoy your cakes!


~ by splendidsweets on November 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Makin’ cakes like a madwoman!”

  1. WOW!! One word, that’s all you get!

  2. Scooby Doo looks awesome! I was wondering how it would turn out. I just kept thinking of these cakes:

  3. Great pics & awesome cakes! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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